About the project

This service provides the opportunity for Wikipedia authors to evaluate their contribution to the promotion of the project, namely: to find out how many pages were viewed on Wikipedia within one month due to their contribution.

Every contributor has access to two evaluations:

  1. Global Rating, which takes into account the entire contribution of the author since registration
  2. Local Rating, only the last month's contribution is used for calculation

You can also view the Leaderboard on the site, on which the TOP-100 users according to the global estimation are deduced.

And to make sure new contributors aren't put off — a month-by-month rating based on local ratings has been created. This allows to overlook the amount of time you have been on Wikipedia (several years or two months), you have the same starting point as experienced Wikipedists. What's important — is to add high-quality, meaningful and interesting content to the world's most popular and largest encyclopedia.

All inquiries and suggestions should be sent to: a.ilkiv.ye@gmail.com

Calculation algorythm

1. Assume these are all your edits in the main space:

2. Discard all edits with tags "Reverted", "Undo", "Rollback", "Manual revert" (data source https://dow.toolforge.org/?view=skip_revisions).
3. Group them by name and sum the amount of characters added. The absolute value is derived from the result:

4. Everything is summarized in the table (column 1 - name, 2 - result of the item "2", 3 - size of the article as of the beginning of the current month, 4 - the number of views for the previous month). Data for columns "3" and "4" is taken from https://tools.wmflabs.org/dow/:

5. Digits in quotemarks — mark the number of columns. For each article, your contribution's fraction is calculated with "2"/"3", if "2">"3" then the fraction is 1. That is then multiplied by "4" to find out how many of this article's views are yours. The summary results for each line make the score in the ranking.